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Viau—A True Success Story

Viau—A True Success Story

In 1867, Charles-Théodore Viau and Toussaint Dufresne founded a bakery that made bread and cookies in Montréal's Sainte-Marie district. In 1870, Viau parted ways with Dufresne and partnered with Michel Viger, whom he bought out three years later. This marked the creation of Viau et Frère. In 1890, Viau stopped making bread to focus on cookies, candy, and chocolate. At the time, his cookie plant was the largest in Canada. Viau is also the man behind the famous cookie, the “Whippet.”

In 1907 Théophile Viau, the founder's son, moved the company to the corner of Ontario and Viau streets in the city of Maisonneuve. There he built a modern factory whose earnings were estimated at $1 million in 1913.

In 1969, Corporation des Biscuits Viau was acquired by Imasco Foods, which itself was bought out by Culinar in 1983. In 2001 the Ontario agrifood company Dare purchased Culinar's cookie-making business. It closed the Viau factory in 2003.

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