The Founding of Québec

July 3, 1608, marked the founding of Québec and a fresh beginning for Canadian New France.

On that day, Samuel de Champlain and the men hired by Pierre Dugua de Mons’s trading company landed at Québec. They quickly constructed the first buildings, where, from the start, the French and Aboriginal people would live side by side. During this time, there was a conspiracy afoot to assassinate Champlain . . .

Champlain was the colony's administrator from 1608 to 1629 and from 1633 to 1635. He defended the interests of the French Crown while trying to establish friendly relations with the Aboriginal people. Québec became the point of departure for several expeditions. It was also a gathering place for delegates of indigenous groups who came from afar to discuss diplomatic issues and to trade with the French and their Aboriginal allies.