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a cross out of adhesive tape and stick...

Félix Potvin
« Before every game, I make a cross out of adhesive tape and stick it to my locker in the dressing room. »

Wayne Gretzky
« I never get my hair cut when we’re on the road because the last time I did, we lost. »

I always put my equipment on the same way : left shin pad, left stocking, right shin pad, right stocking. Then pants, left skate, right skate, shoulder pads, elbow pads, first the left, then the right; and finally, the jersey, with the right side tucked into my pants.

During the warm-up, I always shoot my first puck way off to the right of the goal. I go back to the dressing room and drink a Diet Coke, a glass of iced water, a Gatorade, and another Diet Coke. »

Chris Chelios
« I am always the last player on the team to put on my uniform before a game. »

Patrick Roy
« Before every game, I meticulously lay out each piece of my equipment on the locker room floor and I always dress myself in the same order.

Between periods, I juggle with a puck and bounce it on the ground. Then I put it in a special place where no one will find it and make off with it, otherwise... so the legend goes, bad luck could befall the culprit and he would suddenly turn into an alligator. »

Stéphane Quintal
« On the day of a game, I never speak to anybody after one thirty in the afternoon. »

Peter Svoboda
« In between periods, I put my stick away myself, always in the same place. »



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