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Cylinder seal

Cylinder seal
1800 BC

The scene engraved on the surface of this cylinder-shaped seal is a perfect reflection of the nature of civil power in Syria at the time. The scene shows a king walking in front of a goddess, who is presenting him to another divinity seated on a throne and holding symbols of power — a rod and a circle — which she prepares to hand over to the king. While the scene attests to the divine nature of the power held by the king, the cylinder seal itself is an object that would have been used in the administration of trade matters, under the strict supervision of government authorities, with the king at their head.

Tell Ashara, ancient Terqa
2.7 x 1.6 cm
Deir ez Zor Museum 10372 (TQ 11 Fi30)
L’Eufrate 293

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Cylinder seal

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