Photo studio of the Centre national de conservation et d'études des collections
Musée de la civilisation, photo: Julien Auger - Icône,  0534_relv_0586 


Two projects changing the face of the collections

As the repository of important societal collections, the Musée de la civilisation is pursuing two major projects focused on a common goal: improve the preventive conservation of its collection and enhance their access and circulation.

  • Started in 2010, the "Archives Project" contributes to the improvement of the preventive conservation and the continuation of the inventory of the collections kept at the Musée de l'Amérique francophone.
  • Since January 2015, the "Collections Digitization Project" enhance the access and circulation of the collections thanks to the Plan culturel numérique du Québec.

The upgrade of preventive conservation and inventory work is mostly focused on the Quebec Seminary archives. Flattening, making custom containers, standardizing data and optimizing storage spaces are some of the operations currently being carried out by our personnel in partnership with the Centre de conservation du Québec

The work done since 2013 is significant. The processing of the documents classified in UNESCO Memory of the World Register is coming to an end. The progress made with manuscripts, photographs and works on paper is remarkable. Some collections, such as maps & plans, glass negatives and advertising media have been entirely redesigned.

Musée de la civilisation de Québec's "Collections Digitization Project" was implanted according to the Plan culturel numérique du Québec (PCNQ) of the Ministère de la Culture et des Communications. Through this project, the Musée progressively digitizes all of its collections. Therefore, a photo studio and a digitization room were created to allow the reproduction of the objects, archives and rare books of the collections.

To this day, more than 9,600 objects and 45,000 archives documents and books have been digitized. These images are now available to everyone through the online collections website.

plan culture numérique du québec