Musée de la civilisation is mandate to promote and operate Musée de l'Amérique francophone  and Centre national de conservation et d'études des collections.

Stéphan La Roche

Privilege. Pride. Excitement. These are the words that come to mind as I take the helm of the Musée de la civilisation. This powerful mix of emotions has one common thread—a dream. The dream of guiding this outstanding institution forward in its quest to be creative and original, pushing limits and reaching out while continuing to fulfill its important mission within the community.

To do this, I will draw on my extensive knowledge of the cultural milieu and the challenges it faces as well as the great passion it instills in me.

I want to explore new avenues that surprise visitors, building on over 27 years of effort and achievement. The central theme of this approach is, and will always remain, the Human Adventure. Adventure with a capital A. Adventure that marks each milestone of our journey as individuals and of our evolution as an outward-looking society. We will continue to offer expositions and outreach activities that spark questions, spur reflection, and create a unique experience that elicits strong emotions, each as powerful as the last.

Helming Musée de la civilisation is a dream for me. But the dream isn't an end in itself—it's a work in progress. I firmly believe that the biggest and best initiatives are the ones that bring people together. I hope with all my heart that we can share our dream of making Musée de la civilisation a great communal and cultural endeavor.

Stéphan La Roche

Musée de la civilisation pursues a common cultural project that identifies the needs, orientations and approach of each institution.

Cultural Project

Governing Board

The Governing Board of Musée de la civilisation is made up of thirteen members appointed by the Government of Québec, including the Musée's Chief Executive Officer. One of these members is named upon recommendation by the Communauté métropolitaine de Québec. The other members are chosen after consultation with socio-economic and cultural organizations, in particular those having an interest in museology.

Collections Development Committee

Musée de la civilisation has a Collections Development Committee that carefully examines each donation and each acquisition based on specific reference guidelines. The committee determines the diversity and the pertinence of these items in terms of their historic, ethnographic, aesthetic or ecological value as well as their social and thematic representivity.

Advisory Committee

At Musée de la civilisation, we understand that to cultivate our imagination and vision, we need to foster ongoing collaboration with key players from diverse disciplines. The Museum Advisory Committee is made up of representatives from the scientific and cultural communities who help determine the focus of development going forward. Together, they oversee the perception of the institution, consider priority issues and outcomes and explore possible programming themes.

Management Team

Musée de la civilisation is above all a team effort. More than 230 individuals work on our many different projects. They are responsible for the quality of the collections, for exhibitions, mediation, communications and administration. This commitment to excellence is grounded in a culture of dedication, exploration and experimentation.

Organizational Chart

Musée de la civilisation is a government corporation. It was established on December 19, 1984, under the National Museums Act, which sets out the museum's major functions as follows:

  • to make known the history and the various cultural elements of our civilization, particularly the social and material aspects of the cultures of the occupants of the territory of Québec and the cultures that have contributed to the enrichment of those cultures;
  • to ensure the preservation and development of the ethnographic collection and other representative collections of our civilization;
  • to ensure the participation of Québec in the international network of museological events through acquisitions, exhibitions, and other cultural activities.

Since its inception through to 2017, the Museum's responsibilities have included showcasing Maison historique Chevalier and presenting activities at Place Royale, backed by the establishment of Musée de la Place-Royale.

Over the years, the Government of Québec has accorded Musée de la civilisation additional responsibilities:

  • Musée de l'Amérique francophone joined the group in 1995
  • Centre national de conservation et d'études des collections was inaugurated in 2005

Today, the Museum complex is even stronger and more focused on its core mission. Musée de la civilisation has and will always strive to stand out as a premier museum both in Canada and on the world stage. Its creativity, like the performance of its artisans, is a Musée de la civilisation trademark. From the very first exhibitions put on by Musée de la civilisation in 1988 to the establishment of the Centre national de conservation et d'études des collections, its multidisciplinary teams continue to make groundbreaking contributions to museological practices.

Since its very beginning, five executive directors have successively headed Musée de la civilisation :

Stephan La Roche (since October 2015)
Michel Côté (2010 to the present)
Danielle Poiré served (interim director from January to July 2010)
Claire Simard (2001 to 2009)
Roland Arpin (1987-2001)
Guy Doré (1984-1987)

Musée de la civilisation is a place of inquiry, study and documentation that seeks to understand and interpret the world. Its research activities make the institution a national reference – ongoing projects include publications, symposia, scientific committees, thematic research projects, object-based research and conservation at the  Centre national de conservation et d'études des collections(CNCEC), audience research and evaluation, as well as studies in Quebec heritage.

Research activities at the Musée de la civilisation lead to long-term collaborations with various universities and museums, both nationally and internationally. These activities promote the sharing and exchange of knowledge between disciplines. Musée de la civilisation is also often invited to contribute to various research and exhibition projects in Québec and elsewhere, making its professionals very active in national and international networks.

As a government institution, Musée de la civilisation is committed to the economic, environmental, social and cultural development of the community and to providing universal accessibility.

The museum is actively involved in developing knowledge, sharing skills and collaborating on programs.

Policies and Action Plans:

Guidelines for Visitors

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