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Universal Access at Musées de la civilisation

Accessibility for All

Universal access is a priority for Musée de la civilisation. A universal access policy regulates actions aimed at constantly reducing barriers to the integration of disabled people, guaranteeing top quality reception and ensuring access to places, exhibitions and cultural and educational activities.

Access to the Museum is free of charge for a person living with a physical or intellectual disability and their support person.

See the FAQ for more details.

Improving the quality of life and the quality of visits to our museums for disabled people has always been a concern for Musée de la civilisation, whether they are customers, partners or employees. Our actions reflect our commitment to providing universal access to both our museums and our offices, making it possible for disabled people and all visitors from Québec and abroad to benefit from our products and services.

As a government corporation, Musée de la civilisation reflects the policy of the Québec government, Equals in every respect: Because rights are meant to be exercised, and the Act to secure handicapped persons in the exercise of their right with a view to achieving social, school and workplace integration (L.R.Q., c. E-20.1). Our universal access policy describes an action plan that promotes equal status, full integration and free choice. The museum aims to eliminate or minimize barriers, expressing their commitment to ensuring that each person has access to a fair, equitable, respectful and safe setting.

Specifically, Musée de la civilisation has implemented ways of welcoming people living with physical, hearing, visual or intellectual disabilities. We also have a policy ensuring free admission for individuals and groups with special needs and offer educational activities adapted to each group.

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