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The collection of Musées de la civilisation preserves over one quarter of a million different objects, archives of incalculable value and a library of remarkable rare and old books.

In just a few clicks, set out to discover a selection of these objects, chosen for their significance in forging the identity of Québec.


Objects that Portray a Society

Musées de la civilisation's collections contain a wealth of fascinating finds and treasures. Amerindian artefacts, old maps, clothing, works of art that speak of identity, diversity, innovation, conquest and creation. The curators and archivists of Musées de la civilisation have chosen objects that reflect three broad social themes: power, trade and innovation. 

Québec in the World

Québec forged its identity through contacts with its neighbours and alliances abroad. These fascinating objects helped shape history...

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Prestige and Power

Political, economic and religious powers have shaped the destiny of Québec from its earliest days. These objects tell the tale...

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Creation and Confection

Québec society has always been driven toward creating and transforming itself. Today's Québec is a reflection of the creators and inventors who pursued innovation for the greater good. These remarkable objects speak for themselves...

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The collections of Musée de la civilisation carry a rich, complex and dynamic history that nourishes and feeds reflections on our society and Québec's place in the world. 

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Discover the most recent acquisitions in Musée de la civilisation's collection. Every year, extraordinary objects, archives and precious books arrive to enrich the national collection.

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