Herge in Quebec city

Tuesday Jun 20 2017

Explore a remarkable and universal body of work

Don't miss your chance to see Hergé in Québec City this summer, at Musée de la civilisation until October 22, 2017. Produced by the Hergé Museum, the exhibition is a unique chance to discover the life and work of Georges Remi, the creator of Tintin and Snowy. Following an inverse chronology (from 1983, the year of his death, to his teenage years, starting in 1920), the exhibition lays out 300 gorgeous graphic artifacts (sketches and original drawings, mock-ups, paintings), photographs, and archival documents, as well as movie clips, first-hand accounts, interviews, and some of the artist's private writings.

The exhibition gently probes the many facets of the prolific artist's personality, including how he began signing his illustrations with the moniker "Hergé" — a phonetic transcription of the initials of his last and first names — in 1924. It reveals how this creative genius used every means at his disposal to create his works, drawing on the major artistic currents of his time as well as his extensive research. Hergé collected the works of Warhol, Lichtenstein, Fontana, and Dubuffet. He was fascinated by ancient civilizations and so-called "primitive" art.

In his panels, movies, paintings, and photography, Georges Remi put multiple angles, frames, and perspectives into play, eventually developing a set of methods for composing the scenes, sequences, and images that went on to capture the imaginations of generations of readers. Through the exhibition, we come to understand what makes Hergé's art so special and unique among graphic artists — his extraordinary ability to depict the world around him in such an inventive yet familiar way, allowing readers to project themselves into situations that seem vividly real, no matter how far-fetched. Using simple lines with striking accuracy, Hergé outlined the contours of modern life and gave birth to emblematic characters that embodied the core values of society while tackling extraordinary situations that often echoed the history of the 20th century.

Through a series of inventive, captivating posters, Hergé in Québec City also reveals Hergé's brilliant career as a commercial graphic artist. The exhibition takes us all the way back to his early years and the birth of his passion for illustration.


Luc Fortin, the Minister of Culture and Communications and the Minister responsible for the Protection and Promotion of the French Language said: "I invite all Québecers to take advantage of this world-class exhibition to learn more about Hergé, an exceptional cartoonist. Our government is very proud to support this event, which will stimulate Québec City's already dynamic cultural tourism industry."

Julie Lemieux, vice president of the Québec City executive committee, adds: "For us, it's important to support the production and coproduction of major international exhibitions. Exhibitions like Hergé in Québec City create buzz and are a big draw with Quebecers and tourists alike. It's clear that Québec City's artistic and cultural vitality depends on its wealth and diversity as well as its ability to constantly reinvent itself. And the City plays a major role in fostering that vitality."

Musée de la civilisation's executive director, Stéphan La Roche, is unequivocal: "With its exclusive content — much of which is on display for the very first time — this North American première is destined for great success. The minute you walk into the exhibition, you're immersed in Hergé's creative spirit. It's not just a tribute to a great artist. It brings his work to life and lets you share in that energy, illustrating exactly why it's now considered universal and timeless."


  • The museum Boutique will become Canada's largest retailer for Adventures of Tintin ‑ themed items;
  • Hergé in Québec City exhibition catalogues available for $17.95 (see press release);
  • Major Exhibition rates: $22/Age 31+; $15/Ages 18–30. Online ticket sales at www.mcq.org/fr/informations/mcq (see press release);
  • At the group entrance a giant mural featuring all the Adventures of Tintin characters, perfect for selfies;
    • A gorgeous installation at the front entrance to the museum, created in collaboration with Studios Hergé;
    • A special Belgian-themed menu created by chef Joseph Sarazin from Café 47 served in the interior courtyard (open until 6 p.m. on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays);
  • Cultural, political, and media celebrities share their love of Tintin in short videos that will appear on the Museum's social media channels;
  • A special Air Transat Zone in the Belvédère with a reading and discovery area.


Hergé in Québec City, an exhibition designed and produced by the Hergé Museum in partnership with Musée de la civilisation, with financial support from the Government of Québec and the City of Québec as part of the Entente de développement culturel. Presented in partnership with Air Transat, Québec City Tourism, Fairmont Le Château Frontenac (official hotel), the CBC, and Le Soleil daily newspaper.



Musée de la civilisation: www.mcq.org

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Official Tintin website: www.tintin.com


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