COVID-19 : Frequently Asked Questions

Many things have been done to keep staff and patrons safe, without taking anything away from the Museum experience.

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions.


1. When does the Museum reopen?

On Thursday, Frebruay 18, 2021.

Tickets are now only available online, in advance, and for a specific time slot.

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2. Are Museum hours and admission the same?

Museum hours have been changed.

Admission charges are the same.

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3. Is it safe to go to the Museum?

Yes. There are special rules and procedures to keep staff and the public safe in accordance with official public health guidelines.

These include online ticketing to reduce physical interactions and limits on the number of visitors in the Museum at any one time. Interactives in the exhibitions have been redesigned so users don't need to touch them.

It's very important to maintain distances on the way through the exhibitions. Staff will be very strict, and the Museum believes its guests will be as well.

 See the Visitors Guide


4. How do I go about planning a trip to the Museum?

It is very important to read over the Visitors Guide

You have to get your tickets online, in advance, and they're only valid for a specific time slot.

If you need help or more information, call, email, or text the Museum. We're always happy to help!

 See the Visitors Guide


5. How do members book tickets?

Members must book their tickets online as well.

The number on the back of your card constitutes a promotional code that allows you to virtually pay for the purchase of tickets.

Select the ticket category that corresponds to your membership, and proceed to checkout.

Enter your membership number in the "voucher code / membership number" box and validate it to reset the cart to $ 0.

Then click on "Confirm Order" at the bottom of the page.

If you need help or more information, call, email, or text the Museum. We're always happy to help!

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6. Do you only get a certain amount of time in the Museum?

No. You can stay as long as you want, and you're free to experience the exhibitions at your own pace.

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7. Can I buy my ticket at the entrance?

No. Tickets for a given time slot are only available online, before you get to the Museum. This reduced need to interact and handle things is an essential part of the easy, user-friendly protective system in place.

If there's any problem, call us at 418 643 2158 and select 0.

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8. What can I expect when I go to the Museum?

The full, unforgettable Museum experience, guaranteed!

Exhibitions are all open, the only exception being Observe: More than Meets the Eye, which was just too interactive.

The Once Upon a Time educational workshop is closed until further notice.

Some of the exhibitions will have interpreters who'll start discussions, provide additional insights, and answer questions while following public health recommendations.

A pathway has been set up in the Museum so you can go from one exhibition to the next in a specific order.

In order to comply with public health rules and with the aim of offering its visitors the best possible visit experience, the Museum makes available, in the My MCQ application, the audio-video content of its interactive rooms. Visitors must locate the numbers in the exhibitions to access the corresponding audio-video content in the application.


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9. Are some things closed or unavailable?

Some things at the Museum were too interactive or too hands-on to do during a pandemic:

  • Observe: More than Meets the Eye, is closed for the time being.

  • The Once Upon a Time educational workshop is closed until further notice.

  • There are no group visits for now.

  • The MLab is temporary closed.


10. Can I go to the Museum if I have a mobility impairment?

Yes. All Museum exhibitions are accessible for people with mobility impairments, as are the public areas. Elevators and wheelchairs are still available.

 See universal access policy


11. Is the Museum Boutique open?

Yes. It has souvenirs and books related to the exhibitions.


12. Can I check my personal items?

Yes, but please bring as little as possible with you.


13. Can I borrow an audioguide?

No. The Museum is trying to avoid lending things out. Please bring your own device and use the My MCQ Web app.

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14. Do I have to wear a mask or other face covering?

Wearing a mask or face covering is mandatory for all visitors aged 10 and over.  It is not mandatory, but highly recommended for young visitors aged 2 to 9.  There are masks for sale at the Museum Boutique and at the ticket counter.


15. Can I use the washroom?

Yes. The washrooms are open. Please follow washroom guidelines.


16. Can I have something to eat at the Museum?

More details will coming.


17. Are Café 47 and the Museum's food services open?

More details will coming.


18. it OK to use the Museum terraces?

The terraces aren't open during the winter.


19. Are the first Sundays of the month still free?

Yes. You still have to reserve tickets online in advance, and they're only valid for a specific time slot.