General Information for Teachers

Self-Guided Tour and Guided Tour

An educational visit to Musées de la civilisation is plunging into a unique and surprising experience, rich with knowledge. It's adding a stimulating tool to your teaching strategies, one that's sure to awaken the desire to learn in your students.

Choosing and Booking an Activity

The first step to planning a trip to the Museum is deciding what type of visit interests you - an activity led by guide-interpreters or a self-guided tour. See the list of guided activities, available in PDF format or the Teachers/Activities section, plus the list of exhibitions that will be showing. Then book by phone, fax or online (see contact information below). Next, you'll receive a letter confirming your reservation along with information and instructions to ensure the quality and success of your visit.

Getting Ready for Your Fieldtrip

After booking, prepare for the fieldtrip with your students: 
    •    In class, do the pre-visit activity (Elementary or Secondary, French only) in preparation for your fieldtrip to the Museum
    •    Discuss behaviour expected at the Museum with your students
    •    Read the description of the guided activity you have booked – you'll receive a copy with your booking confirmation. You can also view it under the Presentation tab on the activity's web page.

See how a visit to the Museum unfolds during a guided activity or during a self-guided tour.

Make the Most of Your Visit

What to expect for an guided activity

When you arrive at Musée de la civilisation, go to the Group entrance; a guide-interpreter will be waiting for you there. Your guide will accompany you wherever you go and for all the activities. If you are going to visit other sites in the museum complex, go to the main entrance.

After arrival formalities are taken care of, the activity can start. The guide-interpreter will lead the group to the place you have reserved.

What to expect for a self-guided tour 

When you and your group arrive for a self-guided tour of the Museum, go to the reception counter to take care of formalities. The receptionist will present the Museum program, show you the service areas and give you the documentation you'll need for your visit.

Plan your visit to the Museum using Amazing Museum, a leaflet that describes our exhibitions and activities and poses challenges to your students. Amazing Museum also describes attitudes, supervision and expected behaviours, which we ask you to discuss with your group before your arrival to ensure a successful visit.

Interactive circuits that complement our exhibitions This is Our Story and People of Québec, are specially designed to optimize your students' self-guided tours.

Continue learning in class

In the classroom, do a post-visit activity to help students assimilate what they have learned. 

Clienteles with Special Needs

We are equipped to accommodate groups with special needs (literacy, French, community action, disabilities, etc.). Together with you, we'll adapt the content or the approach of our educational products.

Supervision and Expected Behaviour

Your visit to the Museum will be more successful if everyone is aware of the attitudes, supervision requirements and behaviours recommended for a cultural field trip. 


Teachers and chaperones benefit from a reduced admission fee since they are responsible for making sure – at all times – that each student in the group respects the list of expected behaviours.

To better enjoy your trip to the Museum, explain the expected behaviours to your students and supervise your group throughout the visit. 

Expected Behaviours

  • Speak calmly and quietly. Being loud is not allowed. 
  • Move calmly: take the time to see everything. 
  • Stand back! Keep an arm's length between you and the objects or decors. This way you can see the whole exhibition. 
  • Fingerprints damage the objects on display. Do not touch anything, unless you see a sign saying it is allowed. 
  • You can ask the guide-interpreters questions any time. 
  • In the exhibition rooms, eating and drinking are not allowed. 
  • Respect the other visitors. Do not disturb them. They also want to enjoy their visit to the Museum. 
  • If the security guard or the guide-interpreter gives you a warning, correct your behaviour immediately. 


Guided activities are not available until further notice.

General hours of Musées de la civilisation. The schedule may change at any time without notice.


See admission prices.


NOTE: Admission for group visits is payable on arrival at the box office. Cheques are to be made payable to Musées de la civilisation. If you wish to be invoiced, please mention this when you arrive. 

Up to 75% of Transportation and Admission Costs Reimbursed

The Culture in the Schools Program, managed by Ministère de la Culture et des Communications, reimburses up to 75% of the cost of transporting students to a cultural venue listed in the Répertoire de ressources culture-éducation. A new measure also qualifies admission to the museums as reimbursable. Contact your school board to get the project presentation form.

the program
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  • Online – form (self-guided tour only)