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Nov 18 1999 to Sep 4 2017

The History of Place-Royale

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Nov 18 1999 to Sep 4 2017

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The History of Place-Royale

The Musée de la Place-Royale is closed

The exhibition traces the history of Place-Royale, the birthplace of French America from 1608 to today. It explores the many facets of the lives of its inhabitants and visitors who passed through this square over the centuries. The exhibition presents the creation and development of the area, its commercial activities and its key players.

The exhibition unfolds in three chapters:

Like Nowhere Else

Over the centuries, Place-Royale played host to Amerindians, the first French colonists, British immigrants, residents of Quebec City and tourists. Explore the many facets of their lives and the history of an effervescent neighbourhood.

In Full Growth

Discover the history behind the expansion of the Place-Royale site over three centuries. Review the rapid expansion of the site, a narrow but strategic strip of land sandwiched between Cap Diamant and the St. Lawrence River. Over a period of 300 years, Place-Royale went through growth, decline and rebirth. Learn about the development of its port and military facilities and farmer's markets.

Three Centuries of Trade

Finally, the exhibition reveals the history of commerce in Place-Royale and shows visitors more about the daily lives of its main players over the centuries.

How many beaver pelts was a rifle worth? What is a fat beaver? What could the colony import from Morocco, Syria and Germany? Who were the merchants of Place-Royale? The answers to these questions and many more are found in this exhibition.