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May 14 2008 to Sep 4 2017

Facing Champlain

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May 14 2008 to Sep 4 2017

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Facing Champlain

The Musée de la Place-Royal is closed.

The 3D film Facing Champlain is a great way to discover the founder of Québec, Samuel de Champlain, his dreams, his projects and the lands he explored 400 years ago. Rounding out this exhibition are a huge model of the city of Québec as it was in 1635 and a collection of archeological artifacts.

An Encounter with Champlain

Combining documentary, fiction and animation, this short 3D film poses questions about our history, revealing the numerous myths surrounding Champlain. Filmed partly in Quebec City, it also takes us on a journey of imagination in search of a depiction of this man, of whom no portrait exists. 
Directed by filmmaker Jean-François Pouliot, presented in collaboration with the National Film Board of Canada, the producer of the film and a major partner of the exhibition, and filmed partly in Quebec City, this film is a major element of the exhibition. 

Impressive Model of Quebec City in 1635

This model shows Fort Saint-Louis overlooking Champlain's second house, the home of Guillaume Hébert and his wife Hélène Desportes, Notre-Dame-de-Recouvrance Chapel and the Hébert-Couillard farm. Côte de la Montagne is already winding its way along the escarpment. The scale model was made by Michel Bergeron, based on the most up-to-date knowledge on the occupation and the architecture of this location at the time.


The exhibition presents 16 objects dating from 2,500 B.C. They prove that Amerindians had already been living on the banks of the St. Lawrence River for thousands of years when the Europeans landed there. These artifacts, never exhibited before 2008, were found in 1966 when Boulevard Champlain was being built.

Created by the National Film Board of Canada, the exhibition's major partner.

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