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On the Road

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The Francophone Odyssey

The exhibition On the Road: The Francophone Odyssey is an opportunity to discover the traces of the first Francophones who decided to settle on the North American continent and to understand the religious, economic and even financial reasons that motivated them.

The exhibition traces the migration of Francophones from the original heartlands of French colonization - Acadia, the St. Lawrence Valley and Louisiana, to other locations in North America. Object niches associated with these three heartlands illustrate how these pioneers claimed new lands to develop communities in the image of their culture of origin. 

The Human Experience of Migration

Drawing a portrait of these men and women who settled all over North America, this exhibition makes the visitor aware of the impact they had, but also reminds us that La Francophonie on American soil is not limited to Québec, the St. Lawrence River Valley and Louisiana.  The mission of Musée de l'Amérique francophone is to bring to light the often epic stories of these individuals and groups, some of which would be worthy of a novel.

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