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Grand Hall

in Musée de la civilisation

Impress your guests by inviting them to a world-class museum in the heart of the Old Port and just a few steps from Old Québec. With its unique decor and choice location, the Grand Hall at Musée de la civilisation will lend class and originality to any event.

You'll fall in love with the unique architecture of the Grand Hall. The flexibility of our facilities and the many amenities of this huge glass-walled venue, which is modern, audacious and elegant, will make your event a resounding success.

A Magnificent Room: Memorable Events

The private events team will assist you in achieving your vision:

  • Banquet
  • Reception
  • Gala
  • Conference
  • Christmas Eve
  • Launch
  • Award ceremony
  • Any other important event


In the summer, the Grand Hall opens onto an intimate and picturesque courtyard, surrounded by glass walls and a stone wall belonging to the Estèbe House, built in 1751. Cocktails, anyone?

Choice of Caterer

We work with a variety of excellent caterers to cover a wide range of products and prices. Tell us about your expectations, your needs and your budget. We'll recommend the caterers that fit best and you'll make the final choice.

During the event, the caterer has access to our kitchen.


Some items of furniture are provided with the rental of the Grand Hall. You can add items according to your needs and the style you wish to give to the event, but don't hesitate to ask our advice.

The handling of all furniture the Museum provides is included in the price.


A top-notch technical team is available for lighting, sound and projection.

The Museum team is also there to assist you with preparations and a technician is on duty throughout your event.

And best of all? The equipment and services available on the site all come with the hall rental (up to a certain number of hours). Ask us for a customized proposal to get all the details.

- Information and reservations -

Telephone: 418 643-2158
Toll free: 1 866 710-8031

Reception capacity

Simple reception style: 1,000 people

Cocktail dinner buffet style (with stations): 800 people

Banquet style: 350 people

Theatre style: 350 people

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