Sharing the meal

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Jun 6 2014

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Language(s) : French, English

A virtual exhibit about our food heritage

Meet Canadian families who will tell you about their ingredients, recipes,  terroirs and customs and learn from experts as they explain how a food heritage is created.

Add your grain of salt and tell us about your own testimony by sending in a text, photograph or video!

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A Varied and Cross-Cultural Food Heritage

This virtual exhibition explores the development of our cooking and eating habits over time and space through themes showcasing some 70 objects from the rich Musées de la Civilsiation collection. 

Through the collection of dozens of interviews and testimonies from ten Canadian families of diverse cultures (Quebecois, African, French, Portuguese, Moroccan, Chinese, British, Aboriginal...), the exhibition also reveals a variety of food heritages of both regional and ethnic origins. 

Experts from different backgrounds explain how the food heritage was developed. People passed down knowledge about their own culture's recipes and products and they also borrowed ideas from other cultures. The experts also show how this heritage helps forge a strong sense of belonging to a group or area.

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This exhibition isn't over…We want to hear about YOUR food heritage!

Share a recipe, memory or cooking technique from your family or region. Add a photo of one of your kitchen items or a typical dish to the exhibition. Film your grandmother or father making your favourite meal.

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