Journey into the colony

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September 29, 2019

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Format : 81 Mo
Length : 30 minutes
Language(s) : English
Targeted client(s) : Family, School

An interactive, self-guided iPad tour of the exhibition Journey into the Colony

Experience the adventure of the first French colony of the Americas in the company one of the characters who was part of the colonization project. A historical interactive journey interspersed with games and anecdotes highlighting the perspectives of different colonists.

A little-known episode of our history is finally unveiled. Discover the history of the first French colony of the Americas, 65 years after the arrival of Champlain. 

The independent tour on an iPad mini offers a semi-guided tour of the exhibition. Take this path to experience the colonial adventure from a colonist's point of view. Then imagine "how it was in the past" a little more concretely.  Get in touch with history through atmospheres created in the exhibition, artifacts, anecdotes about daily life, and a variety of historical facts that users will need to question.

Details of the Path 


The King briefly explains the context and presents the quest: the player must help him get his memory back by reliving the main events that led to the establishment of the France-Roy colony. 

Choice of Character 

The player chooses the character with whom to relive the colonial adventure from among the following: Roberval, noble and military officer, Cartier the explorer, Jehan the soldier, Mondyne the peasant, or Pierre the prisoner. 


The player takes a picture of him/herself with an element characteristic of the chosen character.

Colonial Journey

Depending on the character chosen, the anecdotes are different. A variety of games and questions pop up throughout the journey: 

  • Europe (find France on an old map).
  • Motivations (understand what motivated the King to establish a colony overseas).
  • Preparations (consider the needs of the future colony, becoming aware of the scale of the project).
    • Recruitment (form the crew that will go to the colony).
    • Cargo (decide what cargo is required for the establishment of the colony).
  • The crossing (understand the problems of the crossing and the emotions everyone experienced when they arrived).
  • Life in the colony (understand how much there is to do):
    • One's diet depends on social standing (understand that this is a hierarchical society, just like in Paris at that time).
    • Tasks (understand the importance of each member of the colony).
    • Objects (associate an artifact with each character, based on tasks or social standing).
  • The end of the colony (understand what put an end to this project and realize that it was not a failure). 

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