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Dec 20 2018

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Rock art in Canada

Rock art sites in Canada are extraordinary archeological treasures that are mostly unknown to the public. So much so that some people do not even realize that we have such rock art in Canada! The virtual adventure Images on Stone. Rock art in Canada aims to impart awareness of these sites, their history, their cultural and social backgrounds, and their past and current importance for Indigenous communities.

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From coast to coast and up into the northern Artic regions, Canada has no fewer than 3,000 rock art sites. Whether paintings (pictograms) or engravings (petroglyphs) on rocky outcroppings, these sites are among the most eloquent of all cultural and artistic expressions by the ancestors of Indigenous peoples in Canada.

Images on Stone focuses on five major sites in Nova Scotia, Nunavik, Quebec, Alberta and British Columbia. Many photos and videos taken at each site and interviews with Indigenous people and rock art specialists invite exhibition-goers to virtually explore the sites, thus raising awareness about the sites' heritage value and the importance of their conservation.


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