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Musée de la civilisation

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May 1 2018

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The Museum's official mobile app

An enhanced experience of Musée de la civilisation and its exhibitions
MY MCQ, the Museum's official mobile app, has everything it takes to provide you with a more interesting, interactive experience tailored to your interests and tastes. Enhance your visit to the Museum and explore its collections and exhibitions through augmented reality and enriched, exclusive content.

The interests you enter in the mobile app influence the itineraries you create for touring our exhibitions.

The My MCQ mobile app is an original idea of Musée de la civilisation, created in collaboration with Cortex and lg2.

The realization of this project is supported as part of the implementation of the Plan culturel numérique du Québec.

An immersive experience

Since 1950, London's creative vibrancy has reflected the social, cultural, and economic transformations that have shaped the city.

While touring the exhibition, listen to Geneviève Borne's narrations and enjoy augmented reality experiences and interactive content.

We recommend you use your headphones to fully enjoy the experience.

Discover the history hiding in the bones and of sinews of Musée de la civilisation.

Explore this virtual reality experience and special features at three stations:

  • The longboat, a witness to seafaring life in colonial days
  • Guillaume Estèbe House, journeying across the ages
  • The bell tower and architect Moshe Safdie's thought

We recommend you use your headphones to fully enjoy the experience

Musical itinerary

Open your ears and enhance your tour of the Le Temps des Québécois exhibition with music and sound.

This itinerary will be added in fall 2018.

Personalized itinerary

Tailor your visit of the exhibition This is our story. First Nations and Inuit of the 21st century. The app lets you explore Indigenous voice based on the interests you share with First Nations and Inuit people.

This itinerary will be added in fall 2019.