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Musée de la civilisation

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Feb 1 2021

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An enhanced experience of Musée de la civilisation and its exhibitions
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The Jaguar God has played the Mayas a trick. Think you can face his challenges? Your adventure begins at the Maya exhibition entrance!

It is time to embark on the trail of the Mayas, who have been living in South America for over 5,000 years. Team up with the Frog to solve the Jaguar's challenges. Your mission: uncover the fragments that make up the glyph he stole, and help the Mayas remember their history. You will have to make 8 stops in the jungle. Along the way, you will meet gods and animals, discover pyramids and treasures, as well as decipher mysterious drawings.

This interactive search-and-find is available only in the Maya exhibition. It is intended for children aged from 7 to 12. Children under 7 can play with help.

Ah, the fun of fishing! The fresh air, the woods, the slimy worms… and the black flies? But you don't need to get your socks wet today! Come try a new experience with both feet on solid ground. Will you catch a legendary fur-bearing perch? Your adventure starts at the fishing camp!

This game invites you on a fishing expedition right here in the Musée de la civilisation! With a little help from Dory, a Sépaq guide, choose your tackle and lures, and set off on your adventure. Seven interactive stops will help you (re)discover the colorful world of freshwater fishing.

This interactive adventure takes place in the exhibition Fishing Stories.

In order to comply with public health regulations, and with the goal of offering the best possible experience to our visitors, the Musée makes the audiovisual contents of its exhibitions available in the My MCQ App.

Find the numbers in the exhibitions to access the corresponding audiovisual content.

Use headphones to get the most out of the experience.

Québec society is the fruit of over four centuries of many diverse transformations and influences. During this 14-stop thematic tour, you will discover how perfectly its musical culture reflects this rich fusion. Have a wonderful encounter with our history and our music!

This interactive adventure takes place in the exhibition People of Québec...Then and Now. Use headphones to get the most out of the experience.

Personalized itinerary

With a new vision, find out about several objects from the First Peoples, which tell stories of art, hunting and fishing, everyday life and family bonds. Listen to and watch our guides, our curators and specialists, and especially the Peoples who created, used and bequeathed these objects through generations.

This interactive adventure takes place in the exhibition This Is Our Story. Use headphones to get the most out of the experience.

4 different themed paths with 8 objects each
Duration of each path: 20 minutes approximately

Since it opened in 1988, Musée de la civilisation has established itself as a true cultural institution that has become an integral and distinctive part of the historic Place-Royale district.

Discover the history hiding in the bones and of sinews of Musée de la civilisation.

The realization of this project is supported as part of the implementation of the Plan culturel numérique du Québec.

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